Spare Tabtime Automatic Pill Dispenser Key - Tabtime Limited
Spare Tabtime Automatic Pill Dispenser Key - Tabtime Limited

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Llave de repuesto para dispensador automático de píldoras Tabtime

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Llave de repuesto para Tabtime Medelert

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lindsey c.
Fabulous product

This automatic pill box has been a game changer for my mum. She was having a nurse come daily to give her medication- now only needed once per week to fill up the box. Great after sales service too. We lost the key and were able to order a replacement quickly and easily,

Very well thought out and executed concept

I bought this to assist my mother with her tablet regime.
12 different meds, 3 times per day!
The unit works really well, and seems to have covered all the bases with regards the options and possibilities.
After we somehow lost the key, a replacement was ordered and arrived in only a few days.

Nichola J.

An excellent life-changing product! My mother with Alzheimer’s was getting very confused with her medication, sometimes taking multiple extra doses in a day. This is so easy for her to use as the alarm rings when her dose is due. It lasts 2 weeks once filled as she has 2 doses a day, and the fact that she can only access one dose at a time gives us peace of mind. Could not manage without it!!!!

Ann F.
Peace of mind

I ordered this as my mum moved the original key and no one could find it. The spare key arrived, beautifully packaged, the very next day! Couldn’t be more relieved! (And then we found the original.) Excellent service!

Spare key

Enables us to always have a key with us, as well as one in the house.

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